What to do in Canggu | Local Attractions near Villa Puri Aman

From surfing and shopping to chilling sunset cocktails and wild nights, there are plenty of amazing things to do around Canggu.

Ride the Waves in Canggu Bay Area

Surfing Canggu.jpg

Surfing is one of the must-do activities in Canggu. Undoubtedly!

Without a doubt, Canggu owns the best beaches in the southwest area of Bali. Batu Bolong and Echo Beach is a well-known surfing mecca among many surfers from around the world.

It only needs 3-minutes scooter-riding to reach Batu Bolong Beach and Echo Beach from Villa Puri Aman.

Enjoy Canggu’s Beautiful Sunsets

Sunset In Canggu.jpg

Sunsets in Canggu are offering their daily natural beauty. These beaches would be your perfect spot to accompany you to end the day.

Nothing beats sipping on a refreshing drink while watching the surfers riding the golden sunset waves.

Pure magic!

Chill Out Cocktails at a Canggu Beach Club

Cocktail Canggu Beach Club.jpg

Can you say you’ve been to Canggu if you haven’t been to The Lawn on Batu Bolong Beach or Finn’s Beach Club on Berawa Beach?! Not to mention many local beach clubs lines up along the Canggu coastline.

You will never run out of choices.

Culinary Adventure to Canggu’s Fancy Restaurants

Wondering where to eat in Canggu? Well, no matter what kind of food you are into, you’ll find it in Canggu!

Care about healthy foods? Mason that nestled just accross the street, would be your first option.

Thinking about having warm and delicious pastries in the morning or afternoon? Monsieur Spoon Canggu is the place! It only needs a minute away with scooters to reach this place.

For authentic Indonesian food, head over to Warung Bu Mi on Jalan Batu Bolong. 

Craving some Italy Culinary? Bottega Italiana Restaurant is only a minute away from our villa, would be a great choice.

Restless Nights at Canggu’s Coolest Clubs

Canggu is full of cool cafes and bars, so if you’re wondering what to do in Canggu at night, here are a few recommendations.

A quirky spot to check out is Deus Ex Machina. It’s an iconic bar/vintage motorbike shop/art gallery/surfboard factory you know, very ‘Bali’! 

Or for something a little more grungy, head to Gimme Shelter, an underground rock and roll bar where punk is still very much alive.

Spiritual Visits to Tanah Lot Temple

Located 300m off the shore on a rock in the ocean, Pura Tanah Lot (Land in The Sea) is one of the most famous temples in Bali.

It’s a sacred place, and many believe the temple protects the island from evil sea spirits.

In terms of the best times to visit Tanah Lot… while sunsets are famous (when the temple is a beautiful silhouette) it’s worth visiting early in the morning if you want to beat the crowds. Also, if you time the tides right, you can walk to and from the temple on the sand before the water comes up too high. 

The Tanah Lot entry fee is 70,000 IDR, and from Canggu, it’ll take you around 20-30 minutes to get there (12 kilometres).

Canggu's Hippiest Market

Courtesy of Love Anchor Canggu

Need something hippy and comfort clothes? Love Anchor Canggu is the answer!

Located only 2-minutes away from Villa Puri Aman, this iconic market definitely will be your shopaholic-satisfier.

Be A Canggu's Equestrian

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What a way to explore Canggu’s landscapes!

How about spending a few hours horse riding in Canggu for something different? This tour is perfect for both beginners and experienced riders and will take you through lush rice fields and along beautiful Pererenan Beach.

Join the Yoga Class

Bali and yoga go hand in hand, and some great classes are running in Canggu.

Samadi Bali is one of the most popular spots, but the Canggu Studio and Pranava yoga are also there.

Prices and styles of yoga vary at all of these, so take a look at their websites in advance, or pop in if you’re in the area.

Splashing Water at Splash Waterpark

What if I have the hottest days of the year during my Bali vacation?

Well, of course, you will spend most of your time in your swimming pool.

But if you are looking for some mood change, Splash Waterpark in the Berawa area will be a great choice to spend the hottest days. It only needs 14-minutes to reach it from your lovely villa.